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Halloween Kids Party Ideas

Fun and Creepy Halloween Party Games

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1. Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids

Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids 1 # Eyeball Relay Race:

The children should be divided into teams. The first child of each team should be given a spoon along with a ping-pong ball painted to look like an eyeball. The eyeball should be carried on the spoon, and they have to carry this to the end of a course and return, and hand the spoon and eyeball over to the next child. This has to be continued until every child in each team has had a turn. The team that is done first wins.

Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids 2 # Ghostly Waiter

The children are divided into teams. The first child of each team is given a paper plate and balloon. The balloon must be balanced on the plate as each child walks as fast as he/she can up and down a set course. The team that finishes first is the winner. 

Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids 3 # Guess the Scarecrow's Nose

A sheet with a scarecrow painted on it will have to be made before the party, keeping in mind the general height of the children participating in the game. Cut out the nose area of the scarecrow. The children should be divided into two teams. One team should be taken out of the room, while the other team stays inside. The adults should hold the sheet up at the doorway. Then each child from the team outside puts her/his nose through the hole in the sheet, while the children inside the room try and guess who the scarecrow's nose is.

Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids 4 # Halloween Freeze Tag

All the players should be in Halloween costumes. The player who becomes it must chase the others, trying to touch them. Each time he/she touches a player, that player has to freeze up, i.e. stand still, until somebody unfreezes them. In order to unfreeze a frozen player, somebody must come up close to the frozen player and guess out aloud what the costume he or she has on. If they don't get the guess right in three tries, they must go away and try unfreezing somebody else. The player who is it can freeze the player trying to unfreeze somebody.
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2. Fun Halloween Party Games for Teens

Most teens are at a stage in their lives when they feel silly playing what they consider kiddies' games. All they want is some music, good food, and a place to hang out and do their teen thing. And most dislike parental or adult supervision. However, there are a few challenging games that should get even the most jaded teen asking for more. It's a good idea to simply suggest the ideas, and leave it to the teens to manage the Halloween party games themselves. As for the supervision, looking in discreetly once in a while, just to keep a check on things, is more than enough.

Fun Halloween Party Games for Teens 1 # Marshmallow Race

The party-goers have to (one at a time) loop the open end of the panty hose over their heads and under their noses and pull forward. The aim is to get the marshmallow in their mouths. They can't use their hands. The teen that does this the fastest, wins. Have many panty hose ready to go, because the knee high might break or snap during the course of this Halloween game for teens.

Fun Halloween Party Games for Teens 2 # Dancing Competition

Most teens will find this really fun. There can be various wacky categories, such as ballroom, tango, break dance, and so on. Perhaps they can pair up with each other according to the costume they are wearing. The more bizarre the pairing the better. A popular vote or a panel can decide on the winners. Prizes like CDs or gift vouchers can be given to the winners.

Fun Halloween Party Games for Teens 3 # Halloween Haunted House

This is a hit with practically every age group. Begin making the haunted house before the Halloween party day. One of the best places of setting up a haunted house is in the basement. Black garbage bags can be used to make the rooms and walls of the haunt. Be creative! The older siblings of the teens along with their friends can be invited over to run the haunt. Have appropriately scary music.
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3. Adult Halloween Party Games

Most adults find the child in themselves every year when Halloween turns up. They get into the spirit of the haunting season with as much gusto as kids. Here are a few fun games that most adults will enjoy.

Adult Halloween Party Games 1 # Halloween Trivia

Adults will test their knowledge of horror movies, Halloween traditions, Halloween candy, Halloween history, and any other Halloween related trivia you can think of. Assign each question a point value and provide guests with bells or other noise makers to ring in with if they think they have the answer. The adult with the most points wins a prize.

Adult Halloween Party Games 2 # Halloween Still Scene

The objective in this game is to use props like scary mannequins, fake blood, swords, knives, old clothes, costumes and so on to create a scary scene. The props can be bought from a thrift store. The legs, arms and head of the mannequins can be pulled off. This game can be played in the backyard where a box of the props can be placed. The guests must be divided into teams. And each team must use the props to create the scariest scene possible within a certain period of time. Prizes can be given to the scene adjudged the scariest.

Adult Halloween Party Games 3 # Murder Mystery

Murder mystery parties are popular for all occasions, but the emphasis on blood and mayhem makes them a great choice for adult Halloween games. You can create your own mystery or purchase a prepackaged game kit. If the game you buy doesn't already have a horror theme, add some Halloween flavor by tweaking the details. For instance, change the setting to a haunted house or make the culprit a vampire.

Adult Halloween Party Games 4 # Halloween Killing Instincts

This is a hide and seek game with a difference. The guests have about 3-5 minutes to hide wherever they can. The one chosen as the "murderer" must go to another room while the rest of the players hide and put on a ghoulish Halloween costume. The lights should be turned off and only have a couple of flashlights or so. The "murderer" then hunts out his/her "victims", and each time a victim is caught/killed, he/she must let out a blood-curdling scream and go to the center of a room, designated as a the cemetery, and lie on the floor. Whoever is left last is declared the winner. This can be great fun especially with scary music on.

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